Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Treatment Manual

Below you will find the current Treatment Manual, approved by the Research Committee
of the Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Association, on whose website this manually will
officially reside.

The SFBTA Research Committee, which includes Terry Trepper, Eric McCollum,
Peter de Jong, Harry Korman, Wallace Gingerich, and Cynthia Franklin,
are pleased to offer the first draft of a Solution-Focused Brief
Therapy Treatment Manual. This manual was the result of many months of
work, taking many forms, and involving many people. The purpose of such
a manual is not to codify the practice of SFBT, which we see as
dynamic, but instead to offer researchers wishing to do clinical-trial
studies a standardized method, from which studies could be compared and
meta-analyses performed, and replication could more easily occur. It
should be noted that this manual is a basic framework, from which
researchers could begin, and to which components relevant to a
particular study could be added. The manual is not copyrighted, and can
be considered in the public domain. However, we would expect
appropriate citations, so that future researchers will know the source
of the material. Finally, the development of the SFBT Treatment Manual
should be seen as a dynamic process, and that additions, modifications,
and other changes will be made periodically, based on research findings
and practical experience using the manual. Please submit such
suggestions to the Research Committee of the Solution-Focused Brief
Therapy Association.

SFBT Treatment Manual

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